Pet life for making our life brighter and happier.The Pet Life Line, created by combining the advice from pet behavior experts and the brilliant ideas of the Ollie Design Team, hopes that every moment of you and your little friend together will always be the best. Studio Ollie, making your four-legged friends happy with pleasant wit, cheers for all the lives of the world.



Studio Ollie’s Snuffle Toy gives a great time to your doggie with the activity of finding delicious snacks concealed inside hidden pockets by using their sense of smell. Your doggie can satisfy its behavioral needs, relieve stress, and increase its sense of accomplishment and self-esteem while smelling with its superior sense of smell. Safe fabric for babies and high-quality fillers are used to make Snuffle Toys safe for dogs to bite and lick.

Snuffle Toys’ Benefits

  • Relieve separation anxiety

  • Improve intelligence and self-esteem
  • Develop senses
  • Relieve stress
  • Satisfy behavioral needs


Studio Ollie’s Nose Work Level is a proprietarily developed grading system to categorize the difficulties of Studio Ollie products.

  • All Studio Ollie products have legally protected patents, international design registration and application. Thus, any infringement of intellectual property rights thereof such as design theft will result in legal liabilities. In addition, any unauthorized use or theft of all contents and images of Studio Ollie is strictly prohibited.

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STUDIO OLLIE wear made with special 3D patterns designed to fit your dog’s body shape. Comfortable yet sophisticated style is added to the finest materials and elegant design, suitable for your dog.